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Future of Ordering Food Online

When one thinks of ordering online, one thinks pizza. Part of this stems from the lack of restaurants that actually deliver food.  On the other hand, it is very common to phone ahead in order to buy takeout food.  I was hoping to research more on the outlook of online food orders and the future of the system. If possible I would like to see how the market is growing and the possible difficulties of an online ordering system.  As an example, would the delivery service store credit card information? If not, how will the restaurant verify the authenticity of orders?

My blog will hopefully also include the process in which an online food ordering system is worked. This might be harder to research, but could be very useful in identifying how the system could be improved. This would mean describing the steps taken from when the customer enters the website to when the delivery is actually made.

As an aside, what are the possible social implications of an increase in the use of online food ordering. While this does not directly tie into the subject of e-commerce, it is quite related.