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Future of online food delivery

The future of the online delivery service is only set to grow in the future. The reason that pizza delivery services are able to handle internet orders is the fact that they already have an impressive delivery system in place. Therefore, it seems likely that a restaurant that can easily accept delivery orders is likely to be able to handle orders taken from the internet. 

A while ago I mentioned about guarding against joke orders, but it seems pretty simple for restaurants to just require a credit card or payment before creating the order. Who has internet service without a credit card in this modern era anyway?  So that question was rather simple. 

Ordering food online is just another way the internet is becoming more important in our lives. People already order groceries to be delivered at their house. People are willing to pay for the convenience of not having to go out just to pick up food. I predict that there will growth in the delivery sector. There are already companies that are willing to deliver anything. It is only a small step for these companies to team up with restaurants that don’t normally deliver. Some restaurants pride themselves in their atmosphere, but those places are just missing out on a possible revenue source. 




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Online Food Ordering.

An option for restaurants could be to just take online orders but have no option for delivery. This means that customers could still order from a website, but would have to arrange for pickup themselves.  This saves the restaurant money as it does not need to hire its own transporters. The customer saves time because he or she pays online via credit card or online wallet. Orders placed online are also more likely to  be filled correctly since ordering by phone usually involves another operator writing down the order. With an online order system, the restaurant merely needs to read the order off the computer. 

                Advantages over making orders over the phone also include the fact that a website would theoretically accept orders 24 hours a day. 


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Risks of an ordering system P.1

Why do only certain restaurants offer online delivery?

Well, for one thing. An online delivery service would first require a website where customers could place orders. To simplify things, the website would need a database to help manage orders. To keep things convenient, the restaurant should also store customer information such as addresses and phone numbers. A database with such information then needs to be secure against possible malicious attacks. Therefore a small locally owned restaurant is unlikely to design and maintain their own database system. They would need to be knowledgeable in database systems and possibly need to develop some sort of customer service system to handle website problems.

The alternative to designing their own database would be to buy an online ordering system and use their system. An example of the system would be the RDS Logic system. This is a database system that is priced depending on the restaurant’s needs. It integrates features such as multiple locations and users, a database which stores not only administrators and customers, but employees as well. It includes a system to process credit cards and boasts easy to use SEO and alerts to multiple forms of media such as email and text.

As I don’t personally own a restarant,  I can’t say how effective this is, but with prices ranging from $250 to $5000, it seems that it would be a pretty big choice whether implement such a system for no guaranteed return or even use. Drivers would need to be paid as well. While pizza companies usually already deliver, a local restaurant would probably need to add more personnel.

Another reason why some restaurants do not deliver might be because there are some issues that restaurants have to think of when delivering food. This blog lists a few reasons such as bread becoming soggy, a mistake in ordering, or food temperature possibly being incorrect.

I will attempt to answer more questions in another post.


Sources used: RDS Logic for ordering food online.

A blog with an insightful post about eatability in New York.

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