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Looking closer into the matter of online ordering, I have found  that many restaurants  actually have at least a basic online ordering -> delivery system. There is often a delivery charge and a minimum order required for delivery. Several websites such as or

Originally I had gained interest on this topic from the fact that Burger King was trying out a delivery system in certain cities. It also follows that since most fast food places do not have delivery services, they also do not have any online ordering capabilities. This is not actually true. seems to be a service in Indonesia that allows customers to order their food online for delivery. The customers specify their city and a nearby McDonald location. They also can specify the quickest route from the restaurant to the delivery area.

A Wall Street Journal article Asia Delivers for Mcdonald’s describes the justification in delivery options existing due to the heavy urbanization and crowding that make drive-throughs unfeasible. Instead, deliveries are made on motor scooters. The article further states that since most sales are made through drive-throughs in America, it is very unlikely that delivery options will be made available except in very heavily populated areas such as Manhattan.

Lastly, the article brings up the fact that the number of online orders is rising may save the company money by allowing them to reduce the amount of call centers needed to process orders.

I would still like to pursue the concept of online ordering and delivery. Why do only certain restaurants offer this service and why can they do it? How secure and dependable in online ordering against fake or prank orders?



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